Rural Women Entrepreneurs

Digital health as an opportunity for pandemic response in rural areas

The challenge

People living in rural regions usually have to put up with poorer medical care than those living in towns and cities – this is no different on the continent of Africa. The COVID-19 pandemic and climate change have further exacerbated this supply shortage in many countries, with women often worst affected. Innovative telemedical solutions can help alleviate these bottlenecks.

Our approach

We are expanding the care structures of national health systems in rural areas through the networking and international roll-out of a telemedical approach tested in Bangladesh. The project empowers women in rural communities not only by giving them access to the digital health care services on offer at Women Business Centres (WBCs), but also by providing them with entrepreneurial skills and the income opportunities that result.

Our project goals

Our goal is to expand the Women Business Centre model in two to four additional countries in Africa. This will enable female entrepreneurs to provide the rural population with access to urgently needed health care services through digital tools such as telemedicine platforms and COVID screening apps.

  • The pandemic adds a new dimension to the importance of digital health services, including in rural areas.

  • In addition to access to health services, this scaling project focuses on women’s empowerment and entrepreneurial skills training.


Approximately 360,000 more women entrepreneurs support health care

Partner countries

Up to 4 countries in Africa. Expected to be Malawi, Nigeria and Kenya

Implementation partners:

United Purpose and MPower