Programme ‘Migration for Development’ (PME)

Improving the reach and diversity of employment promotion offers

The challenge

More and more people around the world are leaving their countries of origin. There are many reasons for this, but a lack of prospects often plays a major role. Many people would like to stay in their country of origin or return there and start anew. Comprehensive advice on the possibilities, as well as on sustainable reintegration after return, helps people to make a conscious and informed decision.

Our approach

Together with national partners, PME operates advisory centres in twelve countries. In addition to returnees from Germany and third countries, the centres also target internally displaced persons and the local population. Their goal is to help people improve their chances on the labour market. To this end, they provide advice on local social and professional prospects and refer interested parties to training courses, vocational qualification measures, and psychosocial support services. Building on their success, we want to make these services accessible to more people – digitally and inclusively.

Our project goals

1) Increase reach and diversity of offerings

Together with the digital learning platform atingi, we are developing a web-based training to support clients in building an online presence for marketing and sales. The course development will take place between January and March 2023 and will initially focus on Ghana.

2) Develop sound recommendations for virtual job fairs.

In April 2023, we will support a virtual job fair in Serbia. In addition, we systematically work up the experiences of past virtual and hybrid fairs. For this purpose, we conduct surveys until April 2023 and compile the results. This will enable us to make recommendations for future job fairs and share our learning experiences with partners.

  • In various agile workshops, BMZ digilab and PME, together with local partners, developed user-oriented scaling concepts for concrete digital solutions (online trainings and accompaniment of a virtual job fair).

  • Local pilot projects are currently being launched for both goals. In those pilots, we are testing and evaluating how effective synergies can be created by incorporating local conditions to address existing needs with digital solutions.


For returnees, local populations and internally displaced persons, the prospects for economic and social participation in selected countries of origin are improving.

Partner countries

Global project; currently in operation in these countries: Albania, Egypt, The Gambia, Ghana, Iraq, Kosovo, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Serbia, Tunisia.

Launch of pilots in Ghana and Serbia.

Implementation partners