Our approach

At BMZ digilab, our focus is on how we can help tried-and-tested digital innovations become projects with global impact (‘scaling ’).

This work is based on a partnership of equals. Our cooperation is uncomplicated, open and transparent. All stakeholders are involved in our scaling-up processes from the outset. We use agile project management and new working methods to provide the right framework for productive collaboration.

Our scaling impact approach is flexible and comprises various phases. Instead of applying a rigid process, we attach importance to being able to respond quickly to the needs of partners and target groups. We have our ideas tested repeatedly, adapt them continuously and involve our partners closely.

All in line with our guiding principle: the journey is the reward.

  1. Scouting

    During the first phase (‘scouting’), we get an overview of the developmental policy needs and existing digital approaches both at BMZ and across our extensive network of partners. We are also open to external ideas – so write to us if you have a digital innovation you would like to scale with us.

  2. Selecting

    Once we have identified interesting projects with scalable potential, we use a standardised evaluation process to select the best approaches (‘selecting’). During this part of the process, we are guided by each measure’s relevance, potential for success, cost-effectiveness and degree of innovation. Of course, all solutions must be sustainable, too.

  3. Scaling-Lab

    Then, step by step, we develop a roadmap to make the application as universal as possible (‘scaling- lab’). We design, develop, test and learn in iterative units. Within two to four months, we begin driving forward the common scaling vision based on proven project approaches. We prioritise the most suitable application scenarios and prototype the best approach with a clear roadmap (scaling impact- strategy) for rapid implementation.

  4. Scaling

    But scaling requires more than just a plan. Good scaling strategies have to be implemented, as well (‘scaling impact’). That’s why digilab has a flexible financing instrument available in the form of the #SmartDevelopmentFund. Our service-oriented approach takes care of all formal and financial implementation modalities in line with requirements, allowing us to maximise impact on the ground.

    And that’s our mission: to boost the best ideas in international cooperation.