• 23.06.2022
  • 11:40 Uhr - 14:25 Uhr CEST
  • Ludwigsburg
  • BMZ digilab participates

Systemic Approaches to create and develop Sustainable Ecosystems of Innovation

The BMZ digilab invites you to talk about open innovation on an ecosystem conference in Ludwigsburg:

“Systemic Approaches to create and develop Sustainable Ecosystems of Innovation – How Public Institutions use Hackathons and Accelerators to solve Societal Problems.”

The conference brings together ecosystem leaders and innovation managers kickstarting strategic projects to explore the question: How public institutions use hackathons and accelerators to solve societal problems.Out digilab deep dive is hosted at DEEP Start-Up Ecosystem Conference on June 23nd in Ludwigsburg, from 11:40 am – 14:25pm CET. Accelerators, fab labs and hackathons – tech tools are increasingly being used by public and aid institutions to develop innovative solutions for social good. Cities like Barcelona use open innovation challenges to find solutions to urban mobility or citizen participation, and the World Food Program even runs an accelerator to fight global hunger. One of the biggest success stories was the Hack-the-Crisis Hackathon to attack health challenges during the pandemic worldwide. However, to create sustainable innovation for development, we need to move beyond hackathons. Together, we will analyze the existing approaches towards solution of societal problems and their efficiency for creation of scalable innovation that strives toward the sustainable future.


  • Stella Deppe BMZ digilab 

We are looking forward to exciting impulses and discourses!

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