• 07.12.2022
  • 13:30 Uhr - 17:00 Uhr CET
  • Digital
  • BMZ digilab participates

PIAZZA – Workshop „Digital competencies – learning culture, innovation und knowledge management“

Digital skills are an integral part of a successful digital transformation process. The workshop will provide an overview of the findings and recommendations for action to promote digital competences in public administration from the Qualifica Digitalis research, development and implementation project initiated by the IT_Planungsrat. Organisational capacities as well as non-formal and informal learning are taken into account. In three parallel breakout sessions, we will discuss three topics in more detail with the participants and develop guidelines and blueprints for tried-and-tested procedures as a result.

  • Guiding principles for a learning culture
    The aim of the session is to work out concrete guiding principles and measures that contribute to making the working environment conducive to learning. We will first develop guiding goals and then break them down into concrete measures. The result should be a strategy for promoting a learning culture as a blueprint for organisational and human resource development.
  • Moving innovation from the lab to the routine
    This session will look at the necessary conditions for successfully integrating new ways of working into existing administrative routines. What challenges are associated with the introduction of agile and user-centred methods and what requirements arise in the transformation process? In the joint discussion, a checklist for the integration of new ways of working will be developed.
  • Knowledge management with learning nuggets
    In this session we will deal with the question of how Learning Nuggets can be used for professional development in public administration in order to enable the most effective and efficient learning of employees. Participants will develop a production strategy to design Learning Nuggets with reference to different employee groups and their individual work situations.


  • Juliane Schmeling Fraunhofer FOKUS
  • Dr. Nassrin Hajinejad Kompetenzzentrum Öffentliche IT
  • Jaouhara Zouagui Fraunhofer FOKUS

We are looking forward to exciting impulses and discourses at PIAZZA!

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